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About Us

Why such a company?

There are several virtual airlines which virtual pilots have the opportunity to keep a record of their flights in order to give a greater emphasis to the as real as it gets. The main founders of our virtual airline decided than there is no any virtual airline which main suppose is to simulate and mainly to create a fellowship among its members. The friendship was already here so it was not very difficult to create a virtual airline with these standards. Every day we are trying to offer new things to the simmer's community, creating a friendly fellowship.

Our aim...

The main goal of Greece Airways Virtual is to simulate the real flight operations. In addition to this, we are attempting to develop inside IVAO and VATSIM network following their framework and their rules, with respect to all our co-players who are also trying to simulate. Moreover, we are trying to create a friendly environment among our members.

Flight Scheduling System(FSS)

For our Online Flight Operation Services Greece Airways Virtual uses the Flight Scheduling System. With this system our pilots are able to record their flights and find a lot of information to prepare their flights. Every day, our team is trying to develop our system in order to give our pilots all the information they need to make a flight as real as it gets. Our Flight Scheduling system, also known as FSS, can be found here.


You are able to contact us by e-mail using our contact form. In addition to this, we have created an email to every staff member of our virtual airline so you are able to view their emails here. Also we are hosting a Teamspeak 3 Server in order to communicate with each other. Our server's information can be found here.

If you want to download Teamspeak's 3 Client you are supposed to check this page.