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Greece Airways is a virtual airline which developed inside IVAO and VATSIM networks. Our goals are to enhance the simulation of our hoddy and serve the community. Moreover we are trying to create a friendly environment between our members. Our schedule is updated in a regular basis with new routes, we provide you all the information you need before you start a flight, we organize monthly events etc. Join us today and become part of one of the best European Virtual Airlines.

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the Staff Of Greece Airways Virtual
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Total Pilots: 203
Total Flights: 10603
Total Miles Flown: 6332739
Total Hours Flown: 19739.13
Total Flights Today: 3
Total Schedules: 286
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LATESt pilots
Pilot ID Location Name
GRW257 Giannis Gounaras
GRW255 Pericles Vlachos
GRW253 Sokratis Papadopoulos
GRW252 Václav Sahula
GRW251 Fotis Gkotzaridis
GRW250 Thomas Gerber
GRW249 Omer Chen
top landings of the month
Pilot Aircraft Arrival V/S Date
GRW244 B744 OMDB -50 04/09/2015
GRW106 B738 LGAV -51 04/10/2015
GRW220 B773 UHMM -61 04/06/2015
GRW063 B738 LGAV -78 04/09/2015
GRW053 A320 LGAV -88.46 04/09/2015
GRW244 B738 LGSK -90 04/07/2015
GRW146 RJ1H LGTS -92.31 04/11/2015
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UPcoming departures
Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Flight Time Tail
Bachir Skender GRW1004 LGRP LGAV 0.55h SX-GRG
Nakos Avgerinos GRW1002 LGTS LGAV 0.5h SX-GKA
Nakos Avgerinos GRW1502 LCLK LGAV 1.3h SX-GRT
Nakos Avgerinos GRW1018 LGSA LGAV 1h SX-GRW
Nakos Avgerinos GRW1501 LGAV LCLK 1.3h SX-GRT
Latest arrivals
Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Flight Time Distance
Vaggelis Vassos GRW0000 WABB RPVM 03.08 1002
Nakos Avgerinos GRW0000 WABB RPVM 03.05 1002
Georgios Parasidis GRW9150 LGRP LGTS 01.50 345
Alexiadis Jason GRW1041 LGAV KJFK 09.47 4288
Iasonas Vitsikanos GRW9755 KLAX PHNL 05.11 2221
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